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Mia Muthow is an avant-garde luxury fashion brand. We produce handbags and accessories from the finest materials sourced around the world. Our design philosophy is minimalist: clean lines, elegant and classic pieces dressed up with a modern touch.

Our handbags and accessories are designed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing; the perfect marriage between feminine touch and masculine built. We are the antithesis of mass produced luxury leather handbags and only produce bespoke, limited lines. 

We pay meticulous attention to detail. We find our joy in the skilled craftsmanship of each bag and pride ourselves on using carefully sourced custom-made hardware elements to complement each design. Our evening bags showcase works of art with handmade jewellery. Each jewellery piece has been carefully crafted and dressed with natural Namibian gemstones to ensure a uniquely made keepsake. We spend many months on the manufacturing process, as it is an in-depth journey and not simply the means to an end. 

We find our inspiration in the details of everyday life; slowing down to observe, experience and absorb the present moment. We source energy and design inspiration from nature where the gently undulating dunes meet the wild ocean, in the alleyways and walkways of cities, in the warmth and love of those closest to us, in the random smile of strangers, in the nostalgic yearning for a forgotten era, in the excitement of our evolving future. 

We invite you to experience our unique and timeless luxury pieces. We designed them with you in mind, and hope you enjoy them as much as we love the journey of bringing them into your life.